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Shanxi Tourist Attractions
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  • Chinese Name: 悬空寺
  • Address: 山西省大同市浑源县恒山南路恒山脚下
  • Tel: +86 0352-8324212;0352-8327795
  • Opening Time:08:00-18:00 (summer), 08:30-17:30 (winter) (January 1st – December 31st Monday-Sunday)
  • Recommended Visiting Time:1-3 H
  • Tickets : High season: Tickets 25 RMB / climbing fee 100 RMB; off-season: Tickets 17 RMB / climbing fee 100 RMB (January 1 – December 31 Monday – Sunday)
  • offical website:

ShanXi DaTong Hanging Temple

The Hanging Temple was originally called “Xuankong Pavilion” and was later renamed “Hanging Temple” because the entire temple is like hanging on a cliff.

The whole temple is a wooden frame structure. There are 40 temples and temples. In fact, the hanging temple is not big. The most amazing thing is that it relies on the splicing structure and is embedded in the cliff without falling.

Hangkong Temple was built in the Northern Wei Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,500 years. It is the earliest and best preserved high-altitude wooden structure in China.

The pavilions are connected by a plank road. The temple is not big, but it is very skillful. the poetry of Li Baiguan, Xu Xiake praises this.

ShanXi DaTong Hanging Temple Photo

ShanXi DaTong Hanging Temple Video

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ShanXi DaTong Hanging Temple Tourist Map

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How To Get To ShanXi DaTong Hanging Temple

Shanxi DaTong Yungang Grottoes Tourist Map

ShanXi DaTong Hanging Temple Travel Guide

  1. Tickets for Hanging Temple need to be checked twice, and tickets for the far view of the scenic spot are 15 yuan, and 100 yuan for the Hanging Temple.
  2. The best time to see the Hanging Temple is eight to eight early, too late, the position of the sun will make the shooting effect is not good.
  3. always Traffic jam to ShanXi DaTong Hanging Temple
  4. It’s important to go to the Hanging Temple earlier, because too much people will lead to limit the flow.
ShanXi DaTong Hanging Temple
By Bus
  • Take a long-distance bus from Datong Bus Station to Wuyuan. You can charter to Hengshan, Hangkong Temple, the price is around 50 yuan.
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(PS:i will go to ShanXi DaTong Hanging Temple.Practical Chinese: 我要去悬空寺)
By Train to DaTong:
Train number Starting station Time of departure Time of arrival
4642 Shuozhou-Da Tong 19:30 21:28
4630 Shuozhou-Da Tong 18:15 20:18
6087 Zhangjiakou-Da Tong 14:28 18:59
K7802 Taiyuan-Da Tong 08:51 14:39
6834 Ke Lan-Da Tong 07:25 13:20
K615 Beijing West-Da Tong 15:40 21:48
6056 Hohhot-Da Tong 10:49 18:13
K608/K605 Tianjin-Da Tong 08:42 17:06
K1114/K1111 Shenyang-Da Tong 16:08 09:03
K892/K893 Hangzhou-Da Tong 18:52 22:35
K732/K729 Ganzhou-Da Tong 10:20 16:56
By Taxi:
Practical Chinese: 我要去悬空寺
By Flight:
Fight number City take off and landing Departure time Fall time
CA119 Beijing—Datong 07:25 08:40
CA1120 Datong—Beijing 09:40 10:50
MU2735 Taiyuan—Datong 12:10 13:05
MU2736 Datong—Taiyuan 13:35 14:20
CZ3705 Canton—Datong 09:00 13:10
CZ3706 Datong—Canton 14:00 18:25
CZ3705 Changzhi—Datong 12:15 13:10
CZ3706 Datong—Changzh 14:00 14:55
CZ3705 Canton—Datong 08:40 12:50
CZ3706 Datong—Canton 13:40 18:05
CZ3705 Changzhi—Datong 11:55 12:50
CZ3706 Datong—Changzhi 13:40 14:35
MU5247 Shanghai—Datong 16:55 19:45
MU5248 Datong—Shanghai 20:40 23:20

ShanXi DaTong Hanging Temple Panorama

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