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Shanxi Tourist Attractions
Shanxi Tourist Attractions
Shanxi Tourist Attractions

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  • Chinese Name: 五台山
  • Address: 山西省忻州市五台县台怀镇杨柏峪村
  • Tel: +86 0350-6548690;4000350236
  • Opening Time:06:30-21:00 (January 1st – December 31st Monday – Sunday)
  • Recommended Visiting Time:>1 Day
  • Tickets :Into the mountain ticket season (April 1 – October 31) 135 yuan; Off-season (November 1st – March 31st of the following year) 120 yuan;
  • offical website: http://www.wtsykfwzx.com/

ShanXi Wutai Mountain

Wutai Mountain is located in Wutai County, northeast of Shanxi Province, with an average elevation of over 1,000 meters. The highest point is Beimen Peak, which is 3058 meters above sea level. It is called the “North China Roof”. The Wutai Mountain is about 300 kilometers long. Because the five peaks are like the five pillars of the sky, the rise of the land rises and stands tall. The peak is flat, so it is called Wutai. Because the climate on the mountain is cold, I still don’t know the heat in the summer, so I don’t call it Qingliang Mountain. It is a tourist area that integrates natural scenery, historical relics, ancient art, Buddhist culture, folk customs and summer recreation.

Wutai Mountain is a well-known Buddhist resort in China and abroad. It is the dojo of Manjushri, and Wutai Mountain is the first of the four famous Buddhist mountains in terms of its long history and scale. It is called the Golden Five, Wutai Mountain, and more. It is also known as the world’s five major Buddhist shrines in the Lumbini Garden in Nepal, Luyeyuan in India, Bodh Gaya, and Khlong Naga. It is famous in Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal and other countries. The Wutaishan Temple was built in the Han Ming Emperor. Due to the prosperity of the “Wenshu Mantra” in the Tang Dynasty, there were more than 360 temples. In the Qing Dynasty, with the introduction of Lamaism into Mount Wutai, there were various Qing and Huang 2 temples. The area surrounded by the five tops of Wutai Mountain is called Taichung, and the periphery is called Taiwan.

It is said that Wutai was the earliest Taoist site. The Taoist Temple called Wutai Mountain as the Zifu Mountain and once built the Zifu Temple. “Qingliangshanzhi” said that when Buddhism’s Manjushri first came to China, he lived in a stone basin, and the stone basin was in the Taoist view of Taoism. This shows that Wutai Mountain was home to Taoism..

Buddhism was introduced to Mount Wutai, and the general saying began in the Eastern Han Dynasty. According to historical records, in the tenth year of Yongping (AD 67), the emissary of the Han Ming Emperor sent to the Western Regions to come to Luoyang with two Indian monks, Moteng and Fran. In the eleventh year of Yongping, the photo of Moteng and Luan Flang came from Luoyang to Wutai Mountain (then called Qingliang Mountain). Since the mountain was very early, there was Ashuda’s stupa, and Wutai Mountain was the place where Manjushri performed and lived. The two wanted to build a temple here, but since Wutai Mountain was a Taoist base, he was quite crowded. Therefore, I heard the Han Ming Emperor. In order to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of Buddhism and Taoism, the Han courts allowed the monks and Taoists to perform, explain and verify. Therefore, the two sides reached an agreement – about burning the period, so as not to be true or false (according to the burning place in Xi’an Burning Station) . As a result of the burning, the Taoist scriptures were all burned down, and the Buddhist scriptures were as good as ever, so they acquired the right to build a temple.

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ShanXi Wutai Mountain Video

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ShanXi Wutai Mountain Tourist Map

[iframe src=”https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m28!1m12!1m3!1d803920.5411298766!2d112.38553003527959!3d38.08634003887483!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!4m13!3e0!4m5!1s0x36750a69fc81187f%3A0xeaf4b4528d55f07e!2sPingyao%2C+Jinzhong%2C+Shanxi%2C+China!3m2!1d37.189822!2d112.176206!4m5!1s0x35e3c573297e6621%3A0x8881e89c3c40f39f!2sWutai+Mountain%2C+205+Sheng+Dao%2C+Wutai+Xian%2C+Xinzhou+Shi%2C+Shanxi+Sheng%2C+China!3m2!1d39.007616!2d113.596271!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sjp!4v1564646401500!5m2!1sen!2sjp” width=”100%” height=”525″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″ allowfullscreen=”true”]

How To Get To ShanXi Wutai Mountain

[iframe src=”https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m28!1m12!1m3!1d800047.9064120302!2d112.5665447197065!3d38.43714628181818!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!4m13!3e0!4m5!1s0x360aa8ebade29601%3A0xdabd32137ae53d2b!2sTaiyuan%2C+Shanxi%2C+China!3m2!1d37.87059!2d112.548879!4m5!1s0x35e3c573297e6621%3A0x8881e89c3c40f39f!2sWutai+Mountain%2C+205+Sheng+Dao%2C+Wutai+Xian%2C+Xinzhou+Shi%2C+Shanxi+Sheng%2C+China!3m2!1d39.007616!2d113.596271!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sjp!4v1564646447211!5m2!1sen!2sjp” width=”100%” height=”525″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″ allowfullscreen=”true”]
Shanxi DaTong Yungang Grottoes Tourist Map

ShanXi Wutai Mountain Travel Guide

  1. Self-driving vehicles are not allowed to enter the scenic area, you need charter car in the local
  2. One of the things that visitors to Wutai Mountain must do almost is to go to the Wuye Temple (Wanfo Pavilion), the most popular kindle the incense in Wutai Mountain..
  3. It is recommended to play in Wutai Mountain for two days, you can live in the scenic area, there are various grades of hotels to choose from.
  4. Wutai Mountain is really five mountains, so it is really difficult to visit all Wutai Mountain.
  5. Natural scenery is not the strength of Wutai Mountain
ShanXi Wutai Mountain
By Bus
  • Bus: Taiyuan Bus East Station takes the shuttle bus from Taiyuan-Wutaishan, 6:40-18:30, depending on the number of passengers, the interval is between half an hour and one hour, 83 yuan/person, and the journey takes about 4 hours (Taiyuan Passenger East Station Address: Taiyuan No. 165 Wulongkou Street, Xinghualing District, Tel: 0351-2389052);
  • 巴士:太原客运东站乘太原-五台山的班车,6:40-18:30,根据人数发车间距半小时到一小时不等,83元/人,车程4小时左右(太原客运东站地址:太原市杏花岭区五龙口街165号,电话0351-2389052);
  • ..
(PS:i will go to ShanXi Wutai Mountain.Practical Chinese: 我要去五台山)
By Train to Wutai Mountain:

Train: Taiyuan Station trains three times a day to Wutaishan, 7:28, 19:15, 22:05, and the journey takes 4-6 hours. The hard seat is 15.5-37.5 yuan. Wutai Mountain is located in Shahe Town, Fanzhi County, 54 kilometers away from Wutai Mountain Scenic Area. There is a bus to Taihuai Town in front of the railway station, 20 yuan/person, 2 hours drive;

By Taxi:
Practical Chinese: 我要去五台山
By Flight:
Inside traffic in the scenic spot:
  • Eco-friendly car: Wutai Mountain Scenic Area eco-cars travel to and from various attractions and hotels, 50 yuan / person, and the mountain fee joint ticket sale, whether you want to buy or not, you can buy multiple times;
  • Boarding: The top five stations need to be boarded by the top of the snail top, with a single 70-80 yuan/person, five joint tickets 350 yuan, and an operating time of 7:30-16:00;

ShanXi Wutai Mountain VR

[iframe src=”https://720yun.com/t/6c0zc1f58r5?scene_id=117201″ width=”100%” height=”555″ frameborder=”0″ bgcolor=”#000000″ target=”_blank” allowfullscreen=”yes”] [iframe src=”https://720yun.com/t/b57jO5ukum5?scene_id=11463975″ width=”100%” height=”555″ frameborder=”0″ bgcolor=”#000000″ target=”_blank” allowfullscreen=”yes”] [iframe src=”https://720yun.com/t/4eejO5snsu1?scene_id=2805687″ width=”100%” height=”555″ frameborder=”0″ bgcolor=”#000000″ target=”_blank” allowfullscreen=”yes”]

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