mount qingcheng tour

Home China ChengDu Tours Mount QingCheng Mount QingCheng Mount QingCheng At a user friendly height of only 1,290 meters (4,234 feet), Mount Qingcheng is one of the best day trekking options surrounding Chengdu. Further up the summit trail to is the Tianshi Cave, a lonely cave which ancient Taoist master Zhang Daolin once used as… Continue reading mount qingcheng tour

1Day Dujiangyan+Mount Qingchengshan Tour

Home » China Travel Guide »DuJiangYan Tour, Travel Guide»1Day Dujiangyan+Mount Qingchengshan Tour 1Day Dujiangyan Irrigation+Mount Qingcheng Tour 1Day Dujiangyan+Mount Qingchengshan Tour Tour Number Price Tour for 1 Traveler 338 USD/person Tour for 2 Travelers 198 USD/person Tour for 3 Travelers 158 USD/person Tour for 4 Travelers 138 USD/person Tour for 5 Travelers 128 USD/person Price Inclusion Private Transportation:Private… Continue reading 1Day Dujiangyan+Mount Qingchengshan Tour