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Mount QingCheng
• Chinese Name: 青城山
• Address: mount qingcheng,SiChuan China(60 KM from chengdu)
• Opening Time:8:00-18:00
• Recommended Visiting Time:half day
• Tickets 80 RMB
• Religion Taoism
• Shuttle Bus: 10 CNY /single trip
• Cable Car: 90 CNY /round trip
• offical website: www.djy517.com

chengdu mount qingcheng tour,travel guide


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Dujiangyan mount qingcheng tour, travel guide2019 mount qingcheng Tour,Travel Guide

mount qingchengshan
Mount QingCheng Tour
At a user friendly height of only 1,290 meters (4,234 feet), Mount Qingcheng is one of the best day trekking options surrounding Chengdu.
  1. Due to its lush green surroundings, numerous waterfalls and 36 peaks which stretch towards the sky, Mount Qingcheng has historically been referred to as “the most peaceful and secluded mountain under heaven.”

  2. Located 64 kilometers (40 miles) outside of Chengdu, a trip to Qingcheng is frequently combined with a visit to the nearby Dujiangyan Irrigation System.

  3. The mountain is regarded as one of the most sacred in Taoism and has a history which dates back over 2,000 years – to the very founding of the religion. While the most popular route for ascending Mount Qingcheng is to take a short ferry across Yuecheng Lake and ride the cable car to within a 20 minute walk of the summit, this route bypasses a number of the temples which make this mountain famous.

  4. The best preserved temple on the mountain is Jianfu Temple. Built during the Tang Dynasty it is a fully functioning Taoist temple where nearly 100 monks still devote themselves to a pious existence.

Further up the summit trail to is the Tianshi Cave, a lonely cave which ancient Taoist master Zhang Daolin once used as his classroom in an effort to spread Taoism throughout China. Awash in cultural heritage, the entire mountain is included with the Dujiangyan Irrigation System as a UNESCO World Heritage site

chengdu mount qingcheng tour

2019 Mount QingCheng Travel Guide

1.The right visiting sequence is:parking lot–sightseeing car—terminal—-walking 5-10 mins—to tickets box—entrance—hiking up 30 mins—yuecheng lake—ferry to the oppsite—cable car up —continue hiking up 40-60 mins to the summit, back trip, vice versa

2.this itinerary involve lot of walking, no car direct arrival, you’d better have this physical preparation ahead of time.

3.mount qingcheng is very close to dujiangyan panda base, the car ride is 5-10 mins to mount qingcheng’s parking lot.

4.from mount qingcheng to dujiangyan irrigation is about 50 mins.

5. six sense hotel is very close to parking lot of mount qingcheng, 3-5 walking distance.

ChengDu Mount QingCheng tour

2019 Mount QingCheng Tour Map from ChengDu

How to Get to Mount QingCheng from ChengDu

ChengDu--Mount QingCheng Charter Car, car rental

ChengDu–Mount QingCheng Car Rental

5 seats car with driver
115 USD total (round trip)

ChengDu--Mount QingCheng Charter Car, car rental

ChengDu–Mount QingCheng Charter Car

7 seats car with driver (buick GL8)
185 USD total (round trip)

  • 5 seats or 7 seats car with good condition
  • Parking fee,fuel cost,toll gate fee…
  • Driver‘s MEAL
  • insurance of passengers


  • Mount QingCheng admission tickets
  • Mount QingCheng cable car
  • personal expense
  • tips for driver, depends on service
Tour Map
Mount QingCheng
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ChengDu Mount QingCheng tour
ChengDu Mount QingCheng tour
ChengDu Mount QingCheng tour
ChengDu Mount QingCheng tour
Mount QingCheng Tour
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2019 ChengDu Mount QingCheng Tour Package

1 Day DuJiangYan Panda research Center Tour
DuJiangYan Panda research center locate at DaGuan town, nearby Mount QingCheng, about 10 mins driving ride,at here, you can do panda volunteer and Panda holding, its necessary to reserve ahead of time.For the cost of Panda Keeper and Photo with Panda

From 115 usd/per
More Detail
ChengDu dujiangyan tourist map
  • mount qingcheng Tour

    Chengdu mount qingcheng Tour

    Chengdu mount qingcheng Tour

  • mount qingcheng Tour

    Chengdu mount qingcheng Tour

    Chengdu mount qingcheng Tour

  • mount qingcheng Tour

    Chengdu mount qingcheng Tour

    Chengdu mount qingcheng Tour

Mount QingCheng tourist map

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Mount QingCheng tours

1Day Dujiangyan+Mount Qingchengshan Tour

Home » China Travel Guide »DuJiangYan Tour, Travel Guide»1Day Dujiangyan+Mount Qingchengshan Tour

dujiangyan mount qingchengshan tour

1Day Dujiangyan Irrigation+Mount Qingcheng Tour

1Day Dujiangyan+Mount Qingchengshan Tour

Tour Number Price
Tour for 1 Traveler 338 USD/person
Tour for 2 Travelers 198 USD/person
Tour for 3 Travelers 158 USD/person
Tour for 4 Travelers 138 USD/person
Tour for 5 Travelers 128 USD/person

Price Inclusion

  • Private Transportation:Private transportation according to group size,Hotel pick-up&drop-off service
  • Guide: Informative and friendly English speaking tour guide
  • Meal:Tasty lunch in local restaurant
  • Roundtrip cable car & sightseeing bus in Mt.Qingcheng
  • Entrance fee:Entrance fee of Dujiangyan Irrigation&Mt.Qingcheng

Price Exclusion:

  • Personal expense
  • Gratitude to your guide and driver
  • Accommodation:N/A
mount qingchengshan
★ Customized private tour
★ Visit 2 world culture heritage site in 1 day
★ Enjoy a refreshing day away from the hustle and bustle city

Chengdu to dujiangyan,mount qingcheng

dujiangyan tour

1Day Dujiangyan+Mount Qingcheng Tour

Morning: Chengdu-Dujiangyan Irrigation System

day1:Morning, meet your guide &driver in hotel,drive out of Chengdu to Dujiangyan city(about 1.5h-2h driving distance),upon arrival,keep driving to the highest point of the whole Dujiangyan Irrigation Park-Qinyan Pavilion,Standing on the platform,you will enjoy the bird’s eye view of the whole Dujiangyan Irrigation System.
Then descend to Erwang Temple(Two king’s Temple),is constructed to commemorate the desinger Li Bing and his son in the Qin Dynasty.Afterwards,crossing the Anlan Suspension Bridge to the main part of Dujiangyan Irrigation System-Fish Mouth Flying-Sand Wire and Bottle-Neck Channel,get to understand more about the function of Dujiangyan Irrigation System.In the end, exit the Dujiangyan Irrigation through Lidui Park,it’s a lovely bonsai garden.

Walk out of Lidui park,crossing the beautifully decorated Nanqiao(South Bridge) to Guanxian old town.Stroll in the town,and have lunch in an authentic local restaurant.

Meal:in Local Guanxian Old Town

dujiangyan Irrigation System
china dujiangyan irrigation project

Afternoon: Dujiangyan-Mt.Qingcheng-Chengdu

  • After lunch,drive about 30 minutes from Dujiangyan to Mt.Qingcheng.
  • Upon arrival,take electric bus from parking lot to the entrance of Mt.Qingcheng.Walk upstairs to the Moon City Lake(about 30 minutes),where to take the cable car up to the most important Taoist palace-Shangqing Palace.
  • Shangqing Palace,iterally means “upper purity”,locates at the 1000m above sea level.It’s the main Taoist palace in Mt.Qingcheng.It was originally built in Jin Dynasty(265A.D-420A.D),the architectures we saw were built during 1862-1874.You will see 1000years old gingko tree and serene Taoist temples inside.
  • Then keep hiking to the top–Laojun Pavilion.If weather permit,you can see the whole Dujiangyan city and beyond.
    When finish the trip of Mt.Qingcheng,drive back to your hotel in Chengdu…


  • dujiangyan mountan qingcheng tour
  • dujiangyan mountan qingcheng tour
  • dujiangyan mountan qingcheng tour
  • dujiangyan mountan qingcheng tour
  • dujiangyan mountan qingcheng tour

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