ShangHai City God Temple

ShangHai City God Temple

ShangHai City God Temple

ShangHai City God Temple

• Chinese Name: 上海城隍庙
• Address: 249 Fangbang Middle Rd, ChengHuangMiao, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000上海市黄浦区方浜中路249号
• Recommended Visiting Time:2 hours
• Phone: +86 021-63284494
• Opening Time: 09:00- 17:00
• Website:
• Tickets: 10 CNY/Person
China ShangHai City God Temple

ShangHai City God Temple

Shanghai City God Temple has been dating back more than 600 years. From the beginning of the Ming Dynasty to the contemporary vicissitudes of life, Shanghai’s Chenghuang Temple has become a famous tourist attraction in Shanghai. As a Taoist temple, Shanghai Chenghuang Temple has a long history and is well-known at home and abroad. The economic development has become a small tourist circle in Shanghai, the Taoist Temple Taoist Temple, the Chenghuang Temple snacks, and the Yuyuan Ring.

Presenting the cultural heritage of Shanghai Chenghuang Temple.
The city god, also known as the city grandfather, is one of the most important gods in ancient Chinese religious culture. Most of them are played by heroes who are famous for local people. They are the gods of Chinese folk and Taoism who believe in the city.

The Chenghuang Temple Tourist Area contains a large area such as the Old City Temple, the Yu Garden and the shopping and dining commodities. It is a must-see for many people coming to Shanghai.

NearBy : The next is YuYuan and Old street
Snack Street :Food To recommend:最有名的就是南翔蟹粉小笼包、五香豆、酒酿圆子
Tips :Asking not to wear shorts, is a respect for the gods

ShangHai City God Temple

  • “Yuyuan” and “Old Town Temple” are private gardens and Taoist Taoist temples in the Ming Dynasty. Tickets are required for sightseeing. Other areas are basically open sights.
  • When the night falls, the entire pedestrian street will become more magnificent. Bees who like photography must not miss it.
  • For the first visit to Shanghai, Chenghuang Temple is the first window to fully experience Shanghai’s history, culture, customs, and taste authentic Shanghai snacks.
China ShangHai City God Temple

ShangHai City God Temple Photo Gallery

ShangHai City God Temple Video

How to get to ShangHai City God Temple

How To Get To ShangHai City God Temple

By Taxi
useful chinese for taxi driver:
By Metro
Subway Line:13
地铁10号线“豫园”站下,exit from No. 3
ShangHai Metro Map
By Bus
It can be reached by bus No. 11, 66, 126, and 926.

ShangHai City God Temple Panorama

Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center

  • Chinese Name: 上海环球金融中心
  • Address: 上海市浦东新区世纪大道100号
  • Tel: +86 021-38672008;4001100555
  • Opening Time:09:00-22:30; last admission time: 21:30 (January 1st – December 31st Monday – Sunday)
  • Recommended Visiting Time:1-3 H
  • Tickets : Adult ticket: 100+97+94 layer 180 RMB
    /94 layer 120 RMB;
  • offical website:
  • height: 492m
  • floor: 101 layer
  • built time: 1995 by Japan Mori Building Co., Ltd.
  • Cost:(USD $ 1.20 billion)

Shanghai World Financial Center

The Shanghai World Financial Center is a city within the city, surrounded by natural beauty at ground level, soaring high into the sky. Here there is always something fresh and exciting to discover, in a place that is both safe and enjoyable. Here people meet, lively encounters generate economic energy; new forms of cultural activity appear. Diverse functions are assembled in a single self-contained neighborhood.

Convenient for public transport; shopping, eating, and recreation are all connected, Tower has a better 360° view.
A world of food and bars inside, also some great Google offices

It was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox and developed by the Mori Building Company, with Leslie E. Robertson Associates as its structural engineer and China State Construction Engineering Corpand Shanghai Construction (Group) General Co. as its main contractor. It is a mixed-use skyscraper, consisting of offices, hotels, conference rooms, observation decks, and ground-floor shopping malls. Park Hyatt Shanghai is the tower’s hotel component, comprising 174 rooms and suites occupying the 79th to the 93rd floors, which at the time of completion was the highest hotel in the world. It is now the third-highest hotel in the world after the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, which occupies floors 102 to 108 of the International Commerce Centre

Shanghai World Financial Center Photo

Shanghai World Financial Center Video

Shanghai World Financial Center Tourist Map

How To Get To Shanghai World Financial Center

By Taxi

useful Chinese:for taxi driver
Please take me to Shanghai World Financial Center

By Subway+Transfer
Line 2, get off at LUJIAZHUI or DongChang Road
陆家嘴站 6号口出站后步行即至
东昌路站 4号口出站后步行即至
shanghai metro map
By Bus
东泰路 陆家嘴环路站: 939
花园石桥路 东泰路站: 583、799、939
陆家嘴环路 东泰路站: 791、870、961、961区间、985
陆家嘴东路 浦东南路站: 455、上川专线
陆家嘴东路 浦东南路(东方医院)站: 新川专线
世纪大道 浦东南路站: 01、798、799、992、机场五线、隧道六线、隧道三线、隧道夜宵线到达上海环球金融中心

By Ferry

Shanghai Nanjing Road Shopping Pedestrian Street

Shanghai Nanjing Road Shopping Pedestrian Street

Shanghai Nanjing Road Shopping Pedestrian Street

Shanghai Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

  • Chinese Name: 南京路步行街
  • Address: 上海市黄浦区南京东路558号
  • Tel: +86 (021-51099782)
  • Opening Time:all day
  • Recommended Visiting Time:>3 H
  • Tickets : free
  • offical website:

Nanjing Road (南京路 Nánjīnglù) is Shanghai’s main shopping street, famously named one of the World’s Seven Great Roads in the 1930s and now making a rapid comeback after decades of Maoist austerity. The road stretches from The Bund east towards Hongqiao, with Shanghai’s centerpoint People’s Square (人民广场) in the middle.

Nanjing Road is the most important commercial street in Shanghai, with hundreds of shops, many with a rich history. Nanjing Road is the world’s longest shopping district, around 6 km long, and attracts over 1 million visitors daily. As a rough generalization, Nanjing East Road (南京东路 Nanjing Donglu) is more historical but these days a little downmarket, while Nanjing West Road (南京西路 Nanjing Xilu) is brash, modern and caters more to the status-conscious luxury shopper.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

  • Nanjing East Road: A traffic free zone, Nanjing East Road stretches from People’s Square to the Bund Waterfront. This street is usually overcrowded, especially late in the afternoon and during weekends. Shops, malls, restaurants and cafés attract locals and visitors alike.
  • Nanjing West Road:Nanjing West Road The western section is reputed as a famous luxurious shopping center and has many high end boutiques catering for those with money to spend. Prices in these shops are not much different than in shops in Europe or America. If you want to get good deals, look for small shops in the adjacent streets, where you can find real bargains.
  • Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street:Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, the car-free central section between People’s Park and Henan Zhonglu, is known for its stationery and book stores. One of the largest is the Shanghai Book City which is all Chinese language, or the the Foreign Book Store just down the street which caters to Western tastes.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Photo

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Video

How to get to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

By Taxi
useful Chinese:for taxi driver
Please take me to Shanghai Nanjing Road Shopping Pedestrian Street
By Subway

You can take the subway lines 1, 2 and 8 to the “People’s Square” station, exit from the 6th exit, and pass the sunken square to the western starting point of the pedestrian street.

You can take Metro Lines 2 and 10 to the “Nanjing East Road” station, and exit from the 1st, 2nd, and 4th exits, which is the starting point of the eastern part of the pedestrian street.

shanghai metro map
shanghai metro map 2
By Bus

You can take bus 20, 37, 330, 921 to Jiujiang Road Huanghe Road Station, go east for more than 100 meters to the sunken square, and the tunnel is the western starting point of the pedestrian street.

You can take the city sightseeing tour line 1 to get off at New World City (west side of Pedestrian Street), or get off at Henan Middle Road (east side of Pedestrian Street). You can take the subway lines 1, 2 and 8 to the “People’s Square” station, exit from the 6th exit, and pass the sunken square to the western starting point of the pedestrian street.

You can take Metro Lines 2 and 10 to the “Nanjing East Road” station, and exit from the 1st, 2nd, and 4th exits, which is the starting point of the eastern part of the pedestrian street.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Travel Guide

  1. There are lots of touts, people offering anything from cheap iPhones, ‘students’ offering free tea parties, and even sexual services, it’s best to firmly and sincerely say no thanks, skip it and move on.
  2. It gets busy and if it’s a holiday it can be really packed, which for some people takes the enjoyment out of things gettin caught in a river of people. It works best to be a contrarian, so, when everyone is eating lunch, go do your strolling and window shopping, when everyone is doing that, go eat your lunch.
  3. Also, good restaurants get busy at 12-1 and 6-8, get in early and beat the rush.
  4. Where to start? Definitely, at the pedestrian street that is Nanjing East Road, it has lots of character and culture, and it also changes from day to night and is well worth visiting at both times. Then visit Nanjing West Road and get your fill at China’s modern shopping malls.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Panorama

SiChuan Seda Larung Gar Buddhist Academy

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sichuan seda Larung Gar Buddhist Academy

SeDa Larung Gar Buddhist Academy

• Add:四川省甘孜藏族自治州色达县洛若乡
• Chinses Name:色达五明佛学院
• website:
• tickets: free
• Phone:
• Visiting Time: half or 1 day
• Opening Time:all day

Weather:From Oct to March; being into winter
Altitude: 4300 m

Seda Buddha College: The full name is Wuming Temple Wuming Temple Wude Temple, which is misunderstood as Wuming Buddhist College (there are many large temples with Wuming Buddhist College): it is located in the southeast of Seda County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is about 20 kilometers away and is 4,000 meters above sea level. Surrounded by heavy mountains, the ditch house in the ditch is centered on the Buddhist temple’s large hall, and it is covered with four sides of the hillside. Countless crimson cabins are numerous and can not be seen at first glance. These red cabins are the residences of more than 10,000 monks (the monk is called Zaba, the monk is the woman who is the woman). It and the Yaqing Temple are among the top large temples.
Seda Larong Wuming Buddhist College was founded in 1980 by Jinmei Pengcuo. In a few short years, it quickly rose from the depths of a valley in Tibetan areas and became the largest Tibetan Buddhist college in the world. More than 30,000 monks and monks have lived here. The Buddhist Academy’s commandments are very strict, and the male and female publicity’s shackles are distinct.

SeDa Larung Wuming’s Buddhist College

  • Larung Gar Buddhist Academy
  • SeDa Larung Gar Buddhist Academy
  • SeDa Larung Gar Buddhist Academy
  • SeDa Larung Gar Buddhist Academy
  • SeDa Larung Gar Buddhist Academy
  • SeDa Larung Gar Buddhist Academy
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College
  • SeDa Larong Wuming's Buddhist College

SeDa Larong Wuming’s Buddhist College Panorama

Seda Monastery, located in China’s Sichuan province, is the largest Tibetan Buddhist school in the world and up to 40,000 monks and nuns live in residence for some parts of the year.

SeDa Larung Gar Buddhist Academy

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sichuan seda Larung Gar Buddhist Academy
sichuan seda Larung Gar Buddhist Academy

QingHai Lake Tour

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qinghai lake
QingHai Lake
• Chinese Name: 青海湖
• Address: 海北藏族自治州刚察县109国道北侧
• Tel: 0974-8519680
• Opening Time:all day
• Recommended Visiting Time:1-2 Day
• Tickets 1 100 CNY for ErLangJian
• Tickets 2 10-20 CNY for oil veg flowers
• offical website:
cole flower: bloosom at june july aug
from XiNing city: 3 hours ride/150 KM
qinghai lake

QingHai Lake

  • Located west of Xining, Qinghai Lake is the largest inland lake in China. Beautiful scenery and good roads around the lake make this a popular destination for self-help travel.
  • The most beautiful thing in Qinghai Lake is that in July and August, thousands of acres of rape blossoms around the lake flourished. The blue and blue of the blue waters are scattered with golden bright yellow, and the wildflowers of the mountain pastures are colorful, such as silk, and countless cows and sheep are fat and strong, dotted with them. Bird Island in May has become a paradise for birdwatchers.
  • Qinghai Lake is also a holy place to ride. Every summer, the cyclist’s hard-working figure will become another unique landscape on the lakeside, and the annual Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Tournament will be held here.

QingHai Lake

Qinghai Lake, “a blue sea” in Mongolian and Tibetan, is the largest inland salt lake in China, covering an area of 4,500 square kilometers (450,000 hectares). With an average depth of 20 meters, the lake is known for its vast expanse of misty and wavy blue water.

Around the lake is the endless stretch of picturesque grasslands, rapes and wheat fields. Countless sheep, cattle, and horses are grazing graze under the white cloud-dotted blue sky.

A fascinating attraction of Qinghai Lake is the Bird Island, a sanctuary for many kinds of birds, which is one of China’s eight key bird nature reserves. Covering an area of 0.11 square kilometers (11 hectares), the island provides habitats for over 100,000 migrating bird sits from South China and Southeast Asia. Such a density is rare in the world.

The splendid scenery of Qinghai Lake has attracted millions of tourists. May, June, and July are the best months to go and see the birds.

2019 QingHai Lake Tours,Travel Guide

  1. Best Time to Go: 6 7 8 / 2019
  2. time smart itinerary: check the map
  3. special experience:camp at the lake
  4. activity:bike cycle around the lake
qinghai lake

Best Time To Visit QingHai Lake


is the best time to travel in Qinghai Lake.

July-August is the most beautiful time of Qinghai Lake. The thousand acres of rapeseed flowers around the lake are flourishing, and the temperature is right and the rain is not much. It is undoubtedly the best time to play Qinghai Lake. At this time, it is also the best time to ride around the lake. The annual Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race is held during the period. However, during the peak season, not only the accommodation is tight, but the price is also much higher than usual.


At this time, the temperature around the lake is low, but it coincides with the best season for bird watching in Qinghai Lake. There are hundreds of thousands of migratory birds on the bird island, which is a paradise for birdwatchers.


There are more rains in September, and sometimes there will be hail, which is not conducive to travel. Although there was not much rain in October, the temperature difference between morning and evening was already very large, and many tent hotels have begun to evacuate. The accommodation problem is more troublesome.


The weather is cold, but there are thousands of swans to watch.

qinghai lake

2019 QingHai Lake Tours

  • 13-16km from Shanghuanhu West Road out of Heima river is the closest point to the lake. You can touch the lake of Qinghai Lake by yourself in 3-5 minutes on the next road. The scenery is excellent. The bed and breakfast on the West Lake Road is the night sky. The best place.
  • There are no tickets for the tour around the lake. You need to purchase another 100 yuan/person for the entrance to the Erlang Sword Scenic Area. The photo of the rapeseed field will be collected by the Tibetans for 10-20 yuan.
  • Looking out from the heights of the Huanhu Highway, Qinghai Lake is blue, giving people the illusion of walking on coastal roads.
  • Entering the Hunan Road, the eyeballs are immediately attracted by the beautiful colors of the eyes: the yellow of rapeseed, the green of the grassland, the blue of the lake, and the blue of the sky are transformed into a magnificent picture, which is fascinating.
  • Standing on the West Lake Road, the nearest point to the lake, close to the Qinghai Lake, the lake is as clear as the sea, and occasionally the waves piled on the shore, making the whole heart calm.
  • Feel the coolness of the lake at close range. Even in summer, the temperature of the lake is very low. You can feel the coolness of the bones when you touch the lake.
  • Standing on the edge of the lake, letting your head go empty, don’t hurry, take time to waste it…

QingHai Lake Photo Gallery

How to Get to QingHai Lake from XiNing

qinghai lake tourist map

QingHai Lake Tour Car Rental with driver

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Chengdu car rental with driver
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ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower

ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower

ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower

  • Chinese Name: 东方明珠广播电视塔
  • Address: 上海市浦东新区世纪大道1号(近二号线陆家嘴站)
  • Tel: +86 021-58798888;021-58791888
  • Opening Time:08:00-22:00, 10:00-21:30 (Oriental Pearl Landmarks – Global Fantasy Travel); last admission time: 21:30 (January 1st – December 31st Monday – Sunday)
  • Recommended Visiting Time:1-3 H
  • Tickets : Tower sightseeing: A ticket 220 RMB / E ticket 180 RMB / B ticket 160 RMB; Magic Light and Shadow Happy Park: Adult single ticket 60 RMB / parent-child ticket (1 big 1 small) 90 RMB; Sightseeing + Cruise Package: Upper sphere + Exhibition Hall + Pujiang to browse 260 RMB; Tour (not to the tower): D votes 35 RMB (January 1st – December 31st Monday – Sunday)
  • offical website:
  • height: 468m
  • Architectural style: Futurist architecture
  • built time: 1991

ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower (Chinese: 东方明珠塔;东方明珠广播电视塔) is a TV tower in Shanghai. Its location at the tip of Lujiazui in the Pudong New Area by the side of Huangpu River, opposite The Bund, makes it a distinct landmark in the area. Its Construction began in 1991, and the tower was completed in 1994.

At 468 m (1,535 feet) high, it was the tallest structure in China from 1994–2007, when it was surpassed by the Shanghai World Financial Center. It is classified as an AAAAA scenic area by the China National Tourism Administration.The tower is brightly lit in different LED sequences at night. On 7 July 2007, Oriental Pearl Tower was host to the Chinese Live Earth concert.

the Oriental Pearl TV Tower consists of three main full-scope sightseeing spheres. The bottom sphere houses a VR Roller Coaster and futuristic space city; the middle sphere offers 360° view of the city while walking on transparent glass and a revolving restaurant; and the third sphere hasa 5D Cinema (not a typo) and old-school arcade with dozens of games.,

The two largest spheres, along the length of the tower, have diameters of 50 m (164 ft) for the lower and 45 m (148 ft) for the upper. They are linked by three columns, each 9 m (30 ft) in diameter. The highest sphere is 14 m (46 ft) in diameter.

The entire tower is supported by three enormous columns that start underground.

The lower sphere outdoor sightseeing gallery with a diameter of 50 meters is 90 meters high. The 263-meter upper spherical sightseeing layer is 45 meters in diameter and is the main sightseeing layer of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

The 259-meter suspended sightseeing gallery is 150 meters long and 2.1 meters wide. It was transformed from the edge of the original second sphere sightseeing platform. The sightseeing gallery consists of 24 movable “petal” shaped tempered transparent laminated glass with a building area of 17.29 square meters.

At a height of 350 meters, the capsule is 16 meters in diameter. It displays the sci-fi charm of the space scene in a futuristic style. It is the highest sightseeing layer of the TV tower.

There is also a play area and a 5D movie area.

Futuristic TV tower (468-meters tall) offering city vistas, a history museum & revolving restaurant.
Rotating Restaurant: Located at 267 meters above the Oriental Pearl Tower, it is the highest revolving restaurant in Asia, with sweeping views of both sides of the Pujiang River.Lunch:268 CNY p/p;Dinner:298 CNY p/p
Weather factor:When visiting the Oriental Pearl, you should consider the outside weather factors. The weather such as smog and rain will affect the outside world, and you can only see the haze that cannot be undone, and you cannot overlook the beautiful city scene. Therefore, you should pay attention to picking sunny days when you visit.

Adjacent to the Huangpu River and across the river from the Bund, it is one of Shanghai’s iconic cultural landscapes.

It integrates urban sightseeing, fashion catering, shopping and entertainment, historical exhibition, Pujiang tour, exhibition and performances, etc. It is the first batch of 5A-level tourist attractions in China.

468 meters high, 11 spheres are connected in series from top to bottom. The revolving restaurant in the 267-meter sphere is the perfect place to watch the night view of Shanghai at 360°.

259 meters is a hanging sightseeing gallery. The passage adopts steel structure, and the glass is laid on the ground and the wall, which can overlook the entire Huangpu River and Lujiazui.

ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower Photo

ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower Video

ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower Tickets

Tower sightseeing: A ticket 220 RMB / E ticket 180 RMB / B ticket 160 RMB;

Magic Light and Shadow Happy Park: Adult single ticket 60 RMB / parent-child ticket (1 big 1 small) 90 RMB;

Sightseeing + Cruise Package: Upper sphere + Exhibition Hall + Pujiang to browse 260 RMB;

Tour (not going to the tower): D votes 35 RMB (January 1st – December 31st Monday – Sunday)

Half ticket: 1m-1.4m children
Free of charge: children under 1m
  • A ticket: capsule + upper sphere + lower sphere + exhibition hall
  • B ticket: upper sphere + lower sphere + exhibition hall
  • D ticket: Shanghai Urban History Development Exhibition Hall
  • E ticket: upper sphere + lower sphere + magic light and shadow happy park + exhibition hall

ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower Structure

The Oriental Pearl Tower is divided into four tourist areas from top to bottom:

351 meters space warehouse sightseeing layer
Upper sphere
267 m air revolving restaurant
263 meters main sightseeing layer
259 meters full transparent hanging gallery
Lower sphere
95 meters high altitude VR roller coaster
90m outdoor sightseeing gallery
78 meters more Shanghai ring multimedia show
18m Coca Cola Happy Restaurant
0m Hall Shanghai City History Development Exhibition Hall

ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower Travel Guide

  1. If you just take a picture of the square under the tower, you don’t need to buy tickets. You can enter directly after the security check.
  2. If you only visit the Shanghai City Historical Development Exhibition Hall in the 0-meter hall, the fare is 35.

ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower Tourist Map

How To Get To ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower

By Taxi

useful Chinese:for taxi driver
Please take me to ShangHai Oriental Pearl Tower

By Subway+Transfer
Line 2, get off at LUJIAZHUI
:地铁2号线,全程约15.0公里 1、从淞虹路乘坐地铁2号线,经过10站, 到达陆家嘴站 2、步行约440米,到达东方明珠塔
shanghai metro map
By Bus
81路、82路、85路、774路、789路、795路、870路、971路、983路、985路、993路、陆家嘴金融城1路、 陆家嘴旅游环线、观光隧道、轮渡等均可到达东方明珠
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ShangHai TianZiFang

ShangHai TianZiFang

Shanghai TianZiFang

  • Chinese Name: 田子坊
  • Address: 上海市黄浦区泰康路210弄
  • Tel: +86 (13062879000;021-54657531)
  • Opening Time:all day
  • Recommended Visiting Time:>3 H
  • Tickets : free
  • offical website:
Shanghai TianZiFang

ShangHai TianZiFang

· Evolved from the most distinctive Shikumen Lane in Shanghai, it is one of the very small locations in Puxi. ·The name is the nickname of the painter Huang Yongyu. The young man with personality and art has arrived in Shanghai for the first time and feels the unique personality of Tianzifang.

Walking in Tianzifang, walking back and forth in a labyrinth of alleys, special shops and art workshops inadvertently jumped into sight. From teahouses, open-air restaurants, open-air cafes, galleries, home furnishings to handicrafts, as well as many well-known creative studios in Shanghai.

·Come to Tianzifang, don’t worry about getting lost, You can wander freely in the ocean of art. Every corner may have surprises. Can also find a lot of interesting gadgets


  • It is made up of residential houses. There are many interesting bars, restaurants, souvenir shops. Some shops can’t take pictures. Before you take a photo, you should check whether there is a prohibition sign or ask the owner.
  • There are many literary pubs, very lively at night.
  • Many shops are very creative, and the souvenirs sold inside are also very interesting.

Shanghai TianZiFang Photo

Shanghai TianZiFang Video

Shanghai TianZiFang Travel Guide

  1. Shops in the scenic area are generally open from 10:00 to 22:00, and the bar will be closed later.
  2. TianZiFang

How To Get to Shanghai TianZiFang

By Bus
Take Bus:
Take bus No.17, No.24, No.864 to Jianjin Middle Road Ruijin 2nd Road Station, get off after getting off; take bus No.41, 43, 45, 96, 146, 205, 218, 786, 806 Road, 931 Road, 955 Road, 985 Road, Xuchuan Line to Dapu Bridge Station, get off after 5 minutes walk
By Metro:

Take Subway Line 9 and get off at Dapuqiao Station. Walk out from Exit 1 and walk for 5 minutes.

By Taxi:
Practical Chinese:我要去上海田子坊

Shanghai TianZiFang Panorama

QingHai ChaKa Salt Lake

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QingHai ChaKa Salt Lake
• Chinese Name: 茶卡盐湖
• Address: 青海省海西蒙古族藏族自治州乌兰县茶卡镇
• Tel: 0977-8240129
• Opening Time:07:00 am-21:00 pm
• Recommended Visiting Time:half Day
• Tickets 70 RMB/small train (one way) 50 RMB / cruise (one way) 90 RMB / battery car (one way) 5 RMB / sightseeing tower 20 RMB
• offical website:

from XiNing city: 3 hours ride/180 KM

QingHai ChaKa Salt Lake

  • Chaka Salt Lake is a famous natural crystalline salt lake in the Qaidam Basin. China’s “mirror of the sky”, salt production can be used by the people of the country for about 75 years.
  • There are many salt sculptures in the scenic spot to watch, and you can take a small train to the depths of the salt lake.
  • Visitors can walk barefoot to the lake to watch and shoot their own reflections. If you are lucky enough, you can see the mirages formed on these rivers during the day.
  • If it is rainy for several days, the salt layer in the lake may be diluted and dissolved, and the muddy soil will be exposed. You can’t play in the lake.
  • Many small black holes in the salt lake are actually traps one by one. Don’t step on it, and the darker the more dangerous.
QingHai ChaKa Salt Lake

QingHai ChaKa Salt Lake

Located in southern Qaidam Basin in the northeastern part of Qinghai Province, Qarhan Salt Lake is the largest natural salt lake in China, as well as one of the most well-known inland salt lakes in the world, covering about 5,800 square kilometers (580,000 hectares).

As a natural resource for a number of important minerals, the lake is famous for its deposits of more than 50 billion tons of sodium chloride, or table salt, which canenough to supply 6 billion people for 1,000 years. The briny water of the lake crystallizes into salt under the searing heat, forming a hardened salt bed around the lake.

The most amazing feature of the lake is the 32-kilometer-long salt bridge built across the lake. The bridge, 15-18 meters thick, is made with salt. “Floating” on the lake, the bridge is straight and smooth on the surface, which divides the lake into two parts. Driving on the bridge is an interesting experience.

2019 ChaKa Salt Lake Tours,Travel Guide

  1. Best Time to Go: being earlier to avoid the rush hours tourist
  2. photo taking depends on the weather
  3. red and Bright color clothes are preffered for nice photo
  4. bring your Sandle slippers instead of buy shoe cover
  5. activity:

QingHai ChaKa Salt Lake Photo Gallery

How To Get To QingHai ChaKa Salt Lake from Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Chaka Salt Lake Video

How to Get To Qinghai Chaka Salt Lake from XiNing

  • Car Rental
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Review
Chengdu car rental with driver
Chengdu car rental with driver
  • 5 seats or 7 seats car with good condition
  • Parking fee,fuel cost,toll gate fee…
  • Driver‘s MEAL
  • insurance of passengers
  • XiNing Hotel Pick up and drop off


  • Tourist attractions admission tickets
  • personal expense
  • english tour guide
  • accommodation
  • tips for driver, depends on service

Xining Road Bus Station in Xining has a shuttle bus to Chaka Salt Lake every day at 12 noon. The journey takes about 5 hours and the fare is about 60 yuan. Xinning Road Bus Station has 4-5 bus to Wulan County every day. It passes through Chaka Town on the way. The journey takes about 6 hours and the fare is about 70 yuan. It takes about 5 kilometers from the town to the salt lake. There is no public transportation. You can only walk or take a taxi. You can also consider taking a ride.

Chaka Salt Lake is an attraction about 200 kilometers away from Xining. There are no flights available. In the peak season, there are only about two months (June-August). There will be a mirror of the sky of Xining Station-Teika Station. number. Other times there is no such train:

Y961/2 times Xining to Chaka tourist train, the fare is 62.5 yuan, the journey is about 4 hours, the tour time of this tour train is: 8:25 from Xining station, 12:23 to the tea station At 1700 hours on the same day, it departed from Chaka Station and returned to Xining Station at 21:13.

The Best Tour Season

It is best to go to the tea card from June to July, and the tourist season in 7.8 months. A large number of tourists come to the lake to trample the damage seriously. If you can’t basically see the pure white salt lake in August, many of them are black mud groups that have been stepped on. Therefore, every winter scenic area must be closed for renovation, and it will be reopened in 5.6 months. However, Qinghai’s June is relatively cold. It is recommended that July 10-20 is the best time to travel. At this time, people are relatively few, and they can go to the MengYuan to see the most blooming rapeseed.

The Tour Time

The train path in the tea card scenic spot divides the lake into two, so friends who go to the morning can shoot the lake on the right, the lake on the right is just right, and it is wider than the left. The friend who went to the afternoon took the lake on the left. The disadvantage is that it is smaller than the lake on the right. The advantage is that you can watch the sunset.

If you come to the tea card in the afternoon, you can also stay in the tea for one night, but the accommodation will be more expensive. It is not too late to enter the scenic spot at 4 o’clock, because the sun is going to fall at 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening, and it is just right to take the tea lake to the left of the lake at 4 o’clock. The left side is not backlit.

Can take the reflection and the mirror of the sky, after a variety of pats, 7 o’clock can be transferred to the other side of the lake, watching the sun set, go to the center of the lake to shoot the silhouette. Many people missed the most beautiful sunset of the tea card because they didn’t plan to stay in the tea.


The light is very strong on sunny days, and there is reflection from the lake. It needs sunscreen preparation, and it is best to prepare a pair of sunglasses to protect the eyes.

wearing colorful clothes, the red dress is worn by many people, it is also very classic. As long as it can be nicely matched with white.

wear a pair of slippers into, one is to prevent the salt in the water is relatively rough, and the second is to take off at any time when taking pictures. In order to protect the ecological environment of Chaka Salt Lake, the scenic area has specially customized renewable environmentally-friendly shoe covers, which can be rented at low prices in the scenic spot. Please do not bring other shoe covers provided by non-scenic areas to the lake.

Chaka Salt Lake area about 3,000 meters above sea level, should pay attention to not vigorous exercise, so as not to produce altitude sickness.


  • 1. There is a hotel in the scenic area, but the price is really not cheap! However, it is very convenient. It is very convenient to watch the sunset at night, and you can watch it again the next day.
  • 2. Living in Chaka Town, Chaka Town is very small, there are not many accommodations, and the conditions are very general.
  • 3. If it is convenient for the trip, it is recommended to live near the Heima River. There are relatively many accommodations here, and the environment is average.

Salt Lake Photography Tips

  • 1, be sure to stand! Do not move your feet! The most beautiful thing about the tea card is the reflection, so you must stand still in the middle of the lake, and you will be confused when you move your eyes. There is no such beauty.
  • 2, when encountering the backlight, try not to take close-ups and shoot the distant view.
  • 3, try to capture, do not look at the lens. The expressions made in this way are the most natural. Although there are a lot of waste films, it is quite good to choose a few of them, to avoid shooting scenes.
  • 4, take a small train to enjoy the scenery along the way, take a few shots by the way, very nice!
  • 5, you can shoot the stars! Located in the Chaka Salt Lake at 36°18 north latitude, there is a train on the edge of the salt lake. Under the stars, it seems to take you to the fairy tale.
  • 6, if it is a mobile phone vision map, I suggest that you directly use Apple’s own, you can increase the saturation, and contrast, color enhancement, the basic is very beautiful.
  • 7, SLR use LR, will not color can be more than a few presets on the Internet, there will always be suitable for you. Ps: With a dimming mirror, the effect of shooting is even better.
  • 8, don’t drop your mobile phone into water by accident.

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ShangHai Disneyland Resort

You are here: Home>ShangHai Tour, Travel Guide>ShangHai Disneyland Resort Panoramas

ShangHai Disneyland Resort

Shanghai Disneyland Park is a theme park located in Pudong, Shanghai, that is part of the Shanghai Disney Resort. The park is operated by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Shanghai Shendi Group, through a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company and Shendi.

• Chinese Name:上海迪士尼乐园
• ShangHai Disneyland Resort Official Website :
• Tickets:One-day adult tickets are $56 and $76 during peak season Book Official Tickets online
• Phone (Park Information & Ticket Sales Hotel+Dining Reservations):400-180-0000 +86-21-3158-0000
• Shanghai Disney Resort information (Non-Reservation Questions) +86-21-2099-8001
• Shanghai Disneyland Hotel +86-21-2099-8002
• Toy Story Hotel +86-21-2099-8003
• Aarea:963 acres, more than 11 times the size of the original Disneyland in Anaheim
• ShangHai Disneyland Resort:Tour Map

Download the official app for Shanghai Disney Resort!
Enhance your visit with this enchanting mobile experience. Buy theme park tickets, see estimated wait times for attractions and entertainment, make Disney Fastpass and Disney Premier Access selections, view entertainment schedules, browse interactive maps and much more!
Shanghai Disney Resort App   Shanghai Disney Resort


How To Get to ShangHai Disneyland Park

By Taxi
The huge metropolis of Shanghai offers an assortment of taxi lines that can transport you to transit hub. From there, you can then enjoy a quick stroll to Shanghai Disneyland, Disneytown and Wishing Star Park, or hop aboard a short Disney Resort Shuttle ride to the Resort hotels.

Taxi and Vehicle Pick-up/Drop-off:

All pick-up and drop-offs are allowed at the West Public Transportation Hub (West PTH). Please follow the guide for location information.
practical chinese for taxi driver
By Metro
Metro Line 11 between North Jiading/Huaqiao/Anting and Disney Resort stations operates seven days a week from early morning to late night. Line 11 provides a convenient and fast access to Disney Resort by running a train every a few minutes. Guests get off the train at Terminal Station Disney Resort —just steps away from Shanghai Disneyland, Disneytown and Wishing Star Park, and only a short Disney Resort Shuttle ride from the Resort hotels.  

Line 11 Operating Hours

To Disney Resort: First Train 07:08 (arrival) / Last Train 23:39 (arrival)
To North Jiading: First Train 06:00 / Last Train 22:30
To Huaqiao: — / Last Train 22:00
To Anting: — / Last Train 22:25
ShangHai metro map

BeiJIng Imperial Palace
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Travel Guide
ShangHai Disneyland Resort


Shanghai Disney Resort tourist map
Why Fastpass is necessary in disneyland tour?
Which items you can not bring into?
when the disney park is not crowded?
Disneyland park restaurant’s menu?
Disneyland park itinerary’s recommendation?
Disneyland park things to do?  

ShangHai Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Park APP
You can check the waiting time of each ride in real time. You can adjust your tour plan according to the waiting time and save the queue time. In addition, the APP can also query all entertainment performance time and daily operation information, so that you can adjust the plan at any time; its map navigation can also be positioned at any time, so that you can arrange the garden time reasonably and try to avoid the road.Go early / late leave / avoid peak play 

1 As long as you go to the queue earlier than the opening time, you will definitely be the first to enter the park!
Although the official website said that it opened at 9:00, in the summer, it usually opened at 8:00, and some people ran to the entrance at 7 o’clock.

Two hours away from the park for 2 hours, it is the best time to take the rides. Most of the tourists have left the park during this time. Many popular rides can be taken without waiting in line.

3 use the cruise time to play
During the parade in the afternoon during the parade, a large number of tourists will gather on both sides of the tour. If you don’t mind missing the tour, the hour of the tour can be used to play more rides~

4 staggered meals
Around 12:00 noon and around 18:00 in the evening, most of the restaurants in the park are full of people, you can stagger the meals, not only the restaurants do not have to line up, the queues of amusement facilities will be relatively less ~





ShangHai Disneyland Resort


Tibet Tour, Travel Guide

Tibet Tours, Travel Guide

Tibet Tours, Travel Guide

Entering Tibet seems to be a kind of practice, a kind of pilgrimage, a dream that must be completed.An adventure for the unknown

  • Scenery:Every time, you will be deeply attracted and shocked by the blue sky and white clouds of Tibet.High mountains, Tibetan architecture, cattle and sheep
  • Local people: Simple and sincere, it is especially happy to laugh. It’s like being in another world, retaining a lot of qualities and personalities that we gradually lose.
  • religion Power: the atmosphere of Buddhism, overwhelming the devotion to Buddha…

Some things are only you immersive, you can feel that feeling, their beliefs, lifestyles, values, watching those people have been worshipping, worshiping in the most tiring and most sincere way, surprised, but also revered.

In these days in Tibet, there will always be different spiritual feelings. It will be touched by some special scenes, and will be shocked by some beautiful scenery and moved by some small behaviors of the local people.

Tibet Tour 360 Panorama >>

tibet Lhasa Sera Monastery

Tibet Tourist Attractions

Tibet Travel Guide

tibet tour

Tibet Tour Package

tibet tour Private Tour

4 Days Tibet Lhasa Impression Tour

Potala Palace-Jokhang–Barkhor–DrepungFrom: US$430
More Detail

tibet tour Private Tour

5-day Tibet Lhasa Ganden Monastery Tour

Lhasa-Jokhang- Barkhor- Sera-Potala Palace- GandenFrom: US$570
More Detail

tibet tour Private Tour

5-day Tibet Lhasa Samye Monastery Tour

Lhasa-Samye Monastery-Shigatse-LhasaFrom: US$720
More Detail

tibet tour Private Tour

6Days Tibet Lhasa Namtso Lake Tour

Lhasa–Namtso Lake-LhasaFrom: US$ 595
More Detail

tibet yamdrok lake tour Private Tour

5-day Tibet Lhasa Yamdrok Lake Tour

Lhasa–Yamdrok Lake Tour-LhasaFrom: US$650
More Detail

tibet tour Private Tour

7 Days: Tibet Private Tour package

Lhasa–Gyantse–Shigatse–Everest Base Camp-LhasaFrom: US$950
More Detail

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