Shanghai Nanjing Road Shopping Pedestrian Street

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Shanghai Nanjing Road Shopping Pedestrian Street

Shanghai Nanjing Road Shopping Pedestrian Street

Nanjing Road (南京路 Nánjīnglù) is Shanghai’s main shopping street, famously named one of the World’s Seven Great Roads in the 1930s and now making a rapid comeback after decades of Maoist austerity. The road stretches from The Bund east towards Hongqiao, with Shanghai’s centerpoint People’s Square (人民广场) in the middle.

Opening Time: ALL Day

Nanjing Road is the most important commercial street in Shanghai, with hundreds of shops, many with a rich history. Nanjing Road is the world’s longest shopping district, around 6 km long, and attracts over 1 million visitors daily. As a rough generalization, Nanjing East Road (南京东路 Nanjing Donglu) is more historical but these days a little downmarket, while Nanjing West Road (南京西路 Nanjing Xilu) is brash, modern and caters more to the status-conscious luxury shopper.

Nanjing East Road: A traffic free zone, Nanjing East Road stretches from People’s Square to the Bund Waterfront. This street is usually overcrowded, especially late in the afternoon and during weekends. Shops, malls, restaurants and cafés attract locals and visitors alike.
Nanjing West Road:Nanjing West Road The western section is reputed as a famous luxurious shopping center and has many high end boutiques catering for those with money to spend. Prices in these shops are not much different than in shops in Europe or America. If you want to get good deals, look for small shops in the adjacent streets, where you can find real bargains.
Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street:Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, the car-free central section between People’s Park and Henan Zhonglu, is known for its stationery and book stores. One of the largest is the Shanghai Book City which is all Chinese language, or the the Foreign Book Store just down the street which caters to Western tastes.

How To Get To Shanghai Nanjing Road Shopping Pedestrian Street

By Taxi
useful Chinese:for taxi driver
Please take me to Shanghai Nanjing Road Shopping Pedestrian Street
By Subway+Transfer
Subway Line 1, Subway Line 2 or Subway Line 8 and get off at People’s Square. This puts you right in the middle, you can walk east and head down the pedestrian street towards the Bund or head west towards the shopping malls that line Nanjing Roads West and onwards to Jing’an Temple.

Metro Line 2 runs under Nanjing Road for much of the way, intersecting with Line 1 and line 8 at People’s Square.
shanghai metro map
shanghai metro map 2

By Bus
64 109 机场五线 隧道三线 隧道夜宵线

Visiting Tips

There are lots of touts, people offering anything from cheap iPhones, ‘students’ offering free tea parties, and even sexual services, it’s best to firmly and sincerely say no thanks, skip it and move on.

It gets busy and if it’s a holiday it can be really packed, which for some people takes the enjoyment out of things gettin caught in a river of people. It works best to be a contrarian, so, when everyone is eating lunch, go do your strolling and window shopping, when everyone is doing that, go eat your lunch.

Also, good restaurants get busy at 12-1 and 6-8, get in early and beat the rush.

Where to start? Definitely, at the pedestrian street that is Nanjing East Road, it has lots of character and culture, and it also changes from day to night and is well worth visiting at both times. Then visit Nanjing West Road and get your fill at China’s modern shopping malls.

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