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Xiling Gorge

Xiling Gorge (simplified Chinese: 西陵峡; traditional Chinese: 西陵峽; pinyin: Xīlíng Xiá) is a canyon (gorge) on the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) in Hubei province, China. It is the largest and most downstream—eastern of the famous Three Gorges.

Xiling Gorge is located in Zigui County and Yiling District, in the west of Hubei province, from Xiangxi down to the western suburbs of Yichang.

The area is named after Mt. Xiling, a peak at the eastern end of the gorge, and has been so named since at least the Three Kingdoms Period when it was recorded in the geographical treatise Shui Jing Zhu.

Xiling, which forms nearly half the length of the entire Three Gorges region, is actually a series of four different gorges: Precious Sword; Horse Lung & Ox Liver; Soundless Bell; and Shadow Play Gorges. more info

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