Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain

Home China Gansu Dunhuang Mingsha Mountaing Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain Echoing-sand Mountain is located 6km south of Dunhuang city proper, and this ranges of sand dunes winds on from Mogao Grottoes in the east, to Danghe Reservoir in the west,altogether about 40km long,20km wide,rising up at a relative height of dozens of meters.… Continue reading Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain

China GanSu DunHuang Tours

Home China Gansu Dunhuang Crescent Moon Spring Dunhuang Crescent Moon Spring Dunhuang Crescent Moon Spring Singing Sand Dunes and Crescent Lake have long been known as a “desert wonder” and is one of the highlights of Dunhuang where sand dunes and springs coexist. The Crescent Lake peacefully exists among these sand dunes. Due to the… Continue reading China GanSu DunHuang Tours