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Day 1 Chengdu – Hailuogou Glacier/ 280km, 5-7 hour driving

Leave Chengdu in the morning and drive to Hailuogou though the Chengdu – Ya’an Expressway and Mt. Erlang tunnel. Enjoy the scenery along Dadu River, arrive at Moxi Town in the afternoon. Take local sightseeing bus to No.3 Camp. Overnight: Jinshan(Golden Mountain) Hotel.

Day 2 Hailuogou Glacier Park sightseeing

Spend almost a full day sightseeing at the park. You can take a two-hour walk through the forest to the view platform, or take a cable car to No.4 Camp. Enjoy the splendid sights of the glaciers, ice mushrooms, ice pagoda forest and ice waterfalls. In the late afternoon, drive to No.2 Camp to enjoy the hot spring. Overnight: No.2 Camp 3 star standard hotel.

Day 3 Hailuogou Glacier – Chengdu

After breakfast, drive back to Chengdu along Dadu River, and end the happy trip in Chengdu.

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5 Person 930 USD
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Golmud, Qinghai

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Qinghai Golmud

Qinghai Golmud Diversifolious Poplar Forest

  • Chinese Name:格尔木胡杨林
  • Address:青海省海西蒙古族藏族自治州格尔木市郭勒木德乡托拉海牧业社
  • Tel: 0979-8494455
  • Opening Time:
  • Recommended Visiting Time:>3 H
  • Tickets : 50 CNY
  • offical website:

Qinghai Golmud

Qinghai Golmud Hu Yanglin

Huyang Lin is located in the Kunlun Mountains in the south and the Gobi Salt Beach in the north. It is the only forest in the Qinghai that is the highest in the world.

Throughout the year, the Populus euphratica has its own characteristics, and it is necessary to count the golden poplars.

It is best to shoot golden Populus, preferably in October every year when Populus euphratica turns from green to yellow.

Hu Yanglin has two main entrances, one to see the new Populus euphratica, one to see the old Populus euphratica, and to buy tickets from the two gates.

In the desert and sand, Populus euphratica is the only species that can naturally grow into forests. Populus has a history of 3 million to 6 million years. The roots of Populus euphratica can grow up to 15 meters long and spread around. In order to absorb water in an extremely dry environment, it can reach 13 meters underground.

How To Get To Qinghai Golmud from Qinghai XiNing

  • Hu Yanglin is located in the Tolahai Animal Husbandry Society of Guolemude Township, 50 kilometers west of Golmud City. It can only be driven by city or by car. The round-trip fee for chartered buses is 400-500 yuan.
  • Tips: There are two paths to Huyanglin. One is to enter the southwest from the vicinity of the scenic signboard. The Populus euphratica is tall and dense, with many young trees. It can also be seen on the riverside to watch the scenery of the Shahe River, but the road is far away.
  • Drive forward about 3 kilometers to Zhengnan, and climb over the multi-channel sand beam. The characteristic is that the Populus euphratica is vigorous, the dead trees are more, the desert is ups and downs, and the landscape is very characteristic.

Qinghai Golmud Photo

QingHai Golmud Tourist Map

QingHai Golmud tourist map

QingHai Golmud Video

QingHai Golmud Travel Guide

  1. Do not throw litter, bottles, plastics, film boxes, etc.
  2. Every October, Populus euphratica will turn from thick green to golden, like the burning flame in the sky. It seems to dye the whole desert into gold, which makes people feel the beauty of nature and the tenacity of life.
  3. Golmud’s elevation is 2,700 meters, there will be a slight altitude sickness
  4. More insects and bugs, please bring mosquito repellent

Qinghai Golmud The Chaerhan Salt Lake

  • Chinese Name:格尔木察尔汗盐湖
  • Address:青海省海西蒙古族藏族自治州格尔木市察尔汗镇
  • Tel: 0979-8222015
  • Opening Time:09:00-17:00
  • Recommended Visiting Time:>3 H
  • Tickets : free
  • offical website:

The Chaerhan Salt Lake

The Chaerhan Salt Lake is located in the southern part of the Qaidam Basin, across the Golmud City and Dulan County, 60 kilometers from Golmud City.

Car: You can take the commuter train of the factory to the salt field in the Zhufeng Building on the east side of Kunlun Square in Golmud City. The vehicle is full and there is no fixed departure time. Generally, it is available during the day, about every hour, the fare is 15-20. yuan.

It is the largest salt lake in China and the second in the world. It has a total area of 5,856 km², which is 56 times larger than Chaka Salt Lake.

The Chaerhan Salt Lake

One of the most shocking sights is the salt field of the salt industry company. The place is relatively remote, there are relatively few people, and the scenery is very beautiful. Because it is still open to the public, it does not accept tickets, but sometimes you can’t drive in. You need to take a local car or bring the car in by local people. You need to pay some fees.

The Chaerhan Salt Lake Photo

  • qinghai Chaerhan Salt Lake
  • qinghai Chaerhan Salt Lake
  • qinghai Chaerhan Salt Lake
  • qinghai Chaerhan Salt Lake
  • qinghai Chaerhan Salt Lake
  • qinghai Chaerhan Salt Lake
  • qinghai Chaerhan Salt Lake
  • qinghai Chaerhan Salt Lake

qinghai Chaerhan Salt Lake Panorama


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DunHuang Yadan National Geological Park

Home>>;China gansu tour , travel guide>GanSu DunHuang Yadan National Geological Park Tour

GanSu DunHuang Yadan National Geological Park

GanSu DunHuang Yadan National Geological Park

  • Chinese Name: 雅丹国家地质公园
  • Address: 酒泉市敦煌市敦煌市西北180公里处
  • Tel: 0937-8841885
  • Opening Time:08:30-16:30
  • Recommended Visiting Time:1-3 H
  • Tickets : 120 CNY
  • offical website:
GanSu Yadan National Geological Park

Yadan National Geological Park

· Yadan National Geological Park is also called Yadan Devil City. Because there are magnets on the ground, the compass does not work here.

· The park is dominated by large and unique Yadan landforms. It is fantastic and spectacular on the Gobi, and every evening in the evening, it is a wonderful place for photography..

· After the night falls, the violent whistling of the sharp wind is like a beast that is roaring and horrifying, hence the name “Devil City.”

GanSu Yadan National Geological Park

Devil City Photo

Yadan National Geological Park Travel Guide

  1. Every breath we breathe may accelerate the demise of Yadan. Yes, wind erosion land, such a devil city will soon be integrated into a quiet desolation, turned into dust.After a few hundred years, the descendants will never see this spectacular again.
  2. Because of the need to protect the surface, visitors can only take the bus and go to the designated place to be put down, and can only cross the guardrail. There is a feeling of being lost in the car. It is surrounded by Yadan landforms. The surface is black sand. There are raised mounds of different shapes in the middle. It feels like being in a vast ocean.
  3. Yadan’s best time to visit should be early morning or evening, the light is oblique, the temperature is low, suitable for taking pictures, and by noon, the sun is hot and steaming, can’t stay too long, can’t imagine how to spend it at noon in summer.
  4. On the way, you can also visit the Han Great Wall Ruins and Yumen Pass. From Yumenguan to the west is the mysterious Lop Lake. I thought it was a busy road to the Western Regions. Now there are only the sands and the low camel thorns in the wind.
  5. The car park stops at four stations and stops for about 10 minutes each time. Every time a visitor arrives, the tourists get off the bus and gather in front of the imaginative Yadan body to listen to the explanations, see the instructions, and take photos. In front of the scenic spots, use railings to prevent visitors from ruining Yadan.
GanSu Yadan National Geological Park

DunHuang Yadan National Geological Park Tourist Map

DunHuang tourist map DunHuang yadan geo park tourist map

GanSu DunHuang Yadan National Geological Park Tour Video

How To Get to GanSu DunHuang Yadan National Geological Park

qinghai car rental with driver
qinghai car rental with driver

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90 kilometers away from the Yumen Kansai in Gansu Province, there is a typical Yadan landform community. When there is a wind blowing, the ghosts are stunned and the night is not turned out. People are commonly known as the Devil City. The whole is like a medieval city. This special “castle” has walls, streets, buildings, squares, churches and sculptures. Its vivid image and vividness make the world look good. These masterpieces of nature are amazing and wonderful.

Yadan National Geological Park

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