Hailuogou National Forest Park

  • Address: 四川省甘孜州泸定县磨西镇
  • WeBsite: https://www.hailuogou.com/
  • Phone: +86-0836-3268893
  • Tickets:90 CNY/Person(validate within 1 day.)
  • Sightseeing Bus:70 CNY/Person
  • Cable Car: 150 CNY/Person
  • Tips:hailuogou is close to moxi town, within walking distance
  • Tips:Camp 2 is for hot spring, the last shuttle bus time is 17:00 PM
sichuan hailuogou glacier park

Hailuogou National Forest Park

HaiLuoGou have six feature:snow mount,forst,galcier,hot spring,red stone,fog cloud.

hailuogou glacier park

SiChuan HaiLuoGou Glacier Park

There are six musts in Hailuogou Scenic Area: snow mountains, forests, glaciers, hot springs, red rocks, clouds The whole scenic spot is not too big or small, just a day of fun. And the tickets for the scenic spot are valid on the same day, and the play time is almost half a day. The route of Hailuogou Scenic Area is roughly the same as taking the scenic sightseeing bus. From the gate to the No. 2 camp, continue driving to the No. 3 camp, then change to the ropeway to reach the No. 4 camp, or walk to the observation deck, down the mountain. You can go to the hot springs. The specific itinerary is as follows: Not far from the town of Moxi to the scenic spot, you can walk. Buy tickets at the door, 90 yuan for scenic spots, 70 yuan for sightseeing cars. Take the ticket to the scenic bus, the bus from the ticket office through the No. 1 camp to the No. 2 camp, the second camp is the most famous is the glacier hot spring, especially suitable for hot springs in winter, Hailuogou winter snow, in the days of snow, bubble The hot springs enjoy the snow, and the surrounding world is like a fairy tale world. If you want to soak in the hot springs, you have to leave the hot springs in the afternoon. You can go to the bubble on the way down the mountain, just wash away the fatigue, the time does not have to be too long, because the plateau should not be soaked for a long time. Note that the last bus time of the No. 2 camp underground mountain is about 5 pm, hello the specific time, go to the bus early.

hailuogou glacier park

Camp 1

Tickets Checking

Camp 2

The No. 2 camp Glacier Hot Springs also has an attraction, Caohaizi, which can be taken off the bus. Here is a virgin forest with diverse plant organisms. The sea is pure and deep, rich in negative oxygen ions. It is a veritable lung-washing center.
hot springs hidden either in virgin forests or under the cover of snow and ice.
In No.2 Campsite, hot springs gush out from rock cracks year round, with a daily flow of 8,900 tons. Water temperature at the mouth can reach as high as 90 °C. The hot springs gush into a small pond, from where they drop down along a cliff to form a waterfall of eight meters wide and 10 meters high. The spring water is believed to be effective in curing diabetes, neuralgia, arthritis and gastroenteritis. Nearby, a swimming pool has been built in the open air for tourists’ convenience.

There are also a big swimming pool and small-scale bathrooms in No.1 Campsite. The famous Gonggar Miraculous Fount is located at 1,600 meters above sea level, where travelers don’t need to worry about altitude sickness. Still, most of the visitors favor hot springs in No.2 Campsite because they are rustic, with more natural taste.

Camp 3

The terminal of bus station, there have restaurant with fast food.

After Camp 3, there are 2 ways of visiting the glacier.one is walking, the rest is taking the cable car

After Camp 3

Walking,Single trip is about 1.5 hour,round trip is 3 hours,
Walking is a full walk, about three hours round trip. Walk through a glacier walk to a viewing platform and walk to the foot of the glacier. In addition, there is a service point near the viewing platform, which can provide hot drinks and simple meals, and the price is acceptable in the scenic spot.

Cable Car: ,camp 3 us starting point of cable car, for tickets ,only round way, no single way.
The No. 3 camp is the starting point of the ropeway. After taking the cable car over the glacier, it will reach the No. 4 camp. The ropeway will cost 150 yuan and will not sell one way. In the No. 4 camp, you can see the beautiful scenery at close range. The Big Ice Falls, the Gongga Temple and the Snow Mountain Peaks are all at a glance.

Hailuogou National Forest Park Photo

  • SiChuan HaiLuoGou Glacier Park
  • SiChuan HaiLuoGou Glacier Park
  • SiChuan HaiLuoGou Glacier Park
  • SiChuan HaiLuoGou Glacier Park
  • SiChuan HaiLuoGou Glacier Park
  • SiChuan HaiLuoGou Glacier Park

Hailuogou National Forest Park Video

Hailuogou National Forest Park Tourist Map

sichuan hailuogou glacier park tourist map sichuan hailuogou glacier park tourist map sichuan hailuogou glacier park tourist map
hailuogou tourist map
hailuogou tourist map
hailuogou tourist map
hailuogou tourist map

Day 1 Chengdu – Hailuogou Glacier/ 280km, 5-7 hour driving

Leave Chengdu in the morning and drive to Hailuogou though the Chengdu – Ya’an Expressway and Mt. Erlang tunnel. Enjoy the scenery along Dadu River, arrive at Moxi Town in the afternoon. Take local sightseeing bus to No.3 Camp. Overnight: Jinshan(Golden Mountain) Hotel.

Day 2 Hailuogou Glacier Park sightseeing

Spend almost a full day sightseeing at the park. You can take a two-hour walk through the forest to the view platform, or take a cable car to No.4 Camp. Enjoy the splendid sights of the glaciers, ice mushrooms, ice pagoda forest and ice waterfalls. In the late afternoon, drive to No.2 Camp to enjoy the hot spring. Overnight: No.2 Camp 3 star standard hotel.

Day 3 Hailuogou Glacier – Chengdu

After breakfast, drive back to Chengdu along Dadu River, and end the happy trip in Chengdu.

Moxi Township is situated at the entrance to Hailuogou. Tourists usually live at the township for one night. There are many hotels in the town.

Gonggar Hotel (three-star)

Tel: (836) 3266666, 3266677

Changzheng Hotel (four-star)

Tel: (836) 3266608, 3266526

Moxi Hotel (two-star)

Tel: (836) 3266188

Hailuo Hotel

Tel: (836) 3266296

Besides, guesthouses with charges between 20-100 yuan/person a night are available.

There are also hotels at No. 1, 2, and 3 campsites. It’s better for tourists to choose hotels with hot springs so that they can enjoy them free of charge.

Hotels at No. 1 Camp site:

Jinlaiyue Spring Holiday Inn Hotel (three-star)

Tel: (836) 3266866,3266868

Gonggar Miraculous Fount Hotel (Four-star)

Tel: (836) 3266888 ext 8000

Hotel at No. 2 Camp site:

Glacier Hot Spring Hotel

Tel: (836) 3266170

Hotels at No. 3 Camp site

Jinshan Hotel (three-star)

Tel: (836) 3266438, 3266434 ext 888, 868

Yinshan Grand Hotel (three-star)

Tel: (836) 3266555,3266383


Chicken cooked with Chinese caterpillar fungus, chicken cooked with bulb of fritillary, pork cooked with tuber of elevated gastrodis, bacon and wild vegetables.

Service hotlines

Administrative Committee: (836) 3266203;

Ticket Office: (836) 3266550

Alarm Telephone: (836) 3266271;

First-aid Center: (836) 3266344, 3266243;

Telephone for Complaints: (836) 3266205;

Moxi Agricultural Bank of China: (836) 3266342

Local specialties

Cherry, loquat, pitch, chestnut, walnut, persimmon, seeds of Chinese prickly ash, black fungus, muskiness, pilose antler, caladium, snow lotus, white mushroom and Moxi bacon.

Matters needing attention

Security should be emphasized for conditions in Hailuogou are much complicated. The elderly and weak are suggested to tour lower mountains only. Precautions should be taken for cold weather, avalanche, mud-rock flow, cracks on ice and oxygen deficiency.

1. Sufficient preparation should be done before touring the glacier park, otherwise it may be dangerous for the tourist;

2. Following your tourist guide when traveling through the glaciers;

3. Bring warm clothes with you because weather in the mountains are changeable;

4. Viewing the glaciers within security lines;

5. Wearing sunglasses so as to protect yourself from the strong light reflected from the ice and snow;

6. Loud cries and fireworks are prohibited in the glacier area;

7. There are many big glaciers in Hailuogou, including the three major ones — No. 1 Glacier, 14 km; No. 2, 4.8 km; and No. 3, 4.2 km. The lowest point of No.1 Glacier is 3,650 meters above sea level, which is reserved for mountaineers only. Precautions should be taken for stone-dropping on the passage to the glaciers, as the slopes are made of porous soil and cobbles;

8. No littering in the park. Wastes should be taken back to the tourist center.

hailuogou tourhailuogou tour
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How to Get to hailuogou glacier park from Chengdu

Chengdu hailuogou glacier park Charter Car

  • 5 seats or 7 seats car with good condition
  • round way trip
  • Parking fee,fuel cost,toll gate fee…
  • Driver‘s MEAL
  • insurance coverage of passengers
  • Chongqing Hotel Pick up and drop off


  • scenic spot admission tickets
  • scenic spot cable car……
  • personal expense
  • english tour guide
  • tips for driver, depends on service

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