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GuiLin Tour,Travel Guide

Guilin is the site of classic itinerary for your China holiday. there is proverb in china:”guilin mount and water top the world”, This tranquil city let you touch the real natural, idyll hills,countryside farms ;rivers form the glamrous scenery.

it is a city in North Guangxi, China. Guilin is a scenic town and one of the best-known tourist destinations in China. There are many scenic places within short traveling distance of Guilin. These include Longsheng with its famous Longji rice terraces; the Li River, a scene of which is printed on the back of ¥20 bank notes; Yangshuo, a small county downstream from Guilin; and much more. This makes Guilin an excellent base for exploring the northern end of Guangxi Province.

Guilin is a beautiful city. The town center is surrounded by two rivers and four lakes and studded with sheer sided karst mountains. Outside the city center, the buildings are less well kept. The main industry in the city is tourism so the city is much cleaner than other Chinese cities.

Guilin itself is like most other medium size Chinese cities, other than that it has a large number of western-style hotels, tourists and is relatively free of air pollution. Many Chinese domestic tourists also flock to this area. What makes it special is its proximity to many picturesque limestone mountains and formations.

GuiLin Tour

Chinese Name: 桂林
Address: guangxi,china
Total Area:: 2,7800 mi²
Recommended Visiting Time:3 days
Weather 45°F (7°C), Wind SW at 4 mph (6 km/h), 37% Humidity
Population: 560 million (2015)
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YangShuo Tour

  • How To Get To YangShuo
  • YangShuo Tour Map
  • Yangshuo Tour Attractions
  • Yangshuo Things To Do
  • YangShuo Panoramas
  • How To Plan YangShuo Tour

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ShangHai Tour 360° panoramasGuiLin Tourism, Travel Attractions

YangShuo tourist Attractions

  • Big Banyan Tree
  • Fuli Town
  • Yulong River
  • Longmen Water Cave
  • Green Lotus Peak
  • Butterfly Cave
  • Liugong Town
  • Snow Lion Hill
  • Chaolong
  • Longtang Town
  • Yangshuo Park
  • Jiuxian Village
  • Moon Hill
  • West Street
  • Longtang Town
  • Yangshuo Park
  • Jiuxian Village
  • Yima Village

GuiLin Travel Guide

    GuiLin Tour FAQ

  • Best Places to visit in Guilin
  • How to Get to Xingping from Yangshuo
  • How to Get to Yangshuo from Guilin Liangjiang Airport
  • Li River Trip Tips
  • Li River Trip Panoramas
  • How To Plan GuiLin Tour
  • Yangshuo Yulong River Travel Tips
  • How to Get to Yangshuo from Guilin
  • Top Yangshuo Countryside Biking Routes
  • GuiLin Longji Terraces Panoramas

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guilin tour-li river cruise

GuiLin Tour PackageGuiLin Tour Package


1Day Guilin Li River Cruise

Itinerary:Guilin – Li River Cruise – Yangshuo – Guilin
type:Group Tour
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1Day Guilin|Longji Terraces Tours package

1Day Guilin|Longji Terraces Tours package

Itinerary: Guilin – Longsheng Longji– Guilin
type:Group Tour
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3Days GuiLin|YangShuo Tour PACKAGES

3Days GuiLin|YangShuo Tour package

Hotel:@ 5 star with 2 nights
Itinerary:Guilin – YangShuo–Guilin
type:Private Tour
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3 Days GuiLin Highlights Tour

3 Days GuiLin Highlights Tours

Itinerary:Guilin – Guilin
type:Private Tour
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guilin tours package

2Days Guilin Tailor-Made Tour

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guilin tour

3Days Guilin Tailor-Made Tour

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GuiLin Tour package|Travel Guide|itinerary

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