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yangtze river cruise

yangtze river cruise tour map
Why yangtze river cruise with WestChinaGo

  • 1)All travel agency is proxy for ship company,no matter how much you pay cruise ticket differently.definitely and eventually you receive the same treatment.
  • 2)WestChinaGo don’t make google AD,so the google AD cost won’t let customer undertake indirectly.
  • 3)Now we are not hulk company,no pressure of raise big team, so price is not as high as …..after by contrast,
  • 4)we locate in chengdu, close to chongqing, our service like high-speed train tickets, useful info…make your trip more efficient.

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Yangtze River Cruise Ship Company

Yangzte Golden Cruises

  • Golden 1⑤
  • Golden 2⑤
  • Golden 3⑤
  • Golden 5⑤
  • Golden 6⑤
  • Golden 7⑤
  • Golden 8⑤
President Cruise
President Cruise

  • President 8⑤
  • President 7⑤
  • President Prime⑤
  • President 1⑤
Century  Cruise
Century Cruises

  • Century Legend⑤
  • Century Diamond⑤
  • Century Paragon⑤
  • Century Sun⑤
  • Century Sky⑤
  • Golden 7⑤
 Victoria  Cruise
Victoria Cruises

  • Victoria Grace⑤
  • Victoria Selina⑤
  • Victoria Katarina⑤
  • Victoria Anna⑤
  • Victoria Jenna⑤
  • M.S Victoria 5⑤
  • Victoria Sophia⑤
Yangtze Cruise
Yangtze Cruises

  • Yangtze Explorer⑤
  • Yangtze 1⑤
  • Yangtze 2⑤
  • Victoria Anna⑤
  • Victoria Jenna⑤
  • M.S Victoria 5⑤
Orient Royal Cruise
Orient Royal Cruise

  • Godness 1⑤

YangTze River Cruise Video

yangtze river cruise tour map

yangtze river cruise 007

How to Plan a Yangtze River Cruise

  • 1)First Define the time you are going to visit.
  • 2)confirm Upstream or Downstream
  • 3)there is about 7 shippment company.every company have 1-7 ships.main itinerary is alomost same.but schdual is different.choose the cruise ship suit to you.
  • 4)check the ship’s appearance,parameter,and inner side.different class room and time and nantionality have different seem little complicated…
  • 5)westchinago travel service offer you shippment callendar table,which you can find and choose cruise ship schdual and time.
  • 6)just tell us your plan,then we feedback you quotation for your reference.

More Detail

Yangtze River Cruise – Travel Guide

  • 1)How to get to chongqing.
  • 2)How to book tickets of yangtze river cruise
  • 3)How to get to wuhan or shanghai after yichang trip end.
  • 4)what’s difference between Upstream and Downstream Cruise
  • 5)what Onboard Activities have?
  • 6)Tips for yangtze river cruise
  • 7)How to choose ship with better facility.

More Detail

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