Fengdu Ghost City



  • Chinese Name:石宝寨
  • Add:重庆市忠县石宝镇印山街18号
  • Tickets:50 CNY p/p
  • website:
  • tel: +86 023-54215063;15084390011
  • Opening Time: 07:00-18:00 (April 01 – November 30 Monday – Sunday)
    07:00-17:00 (December 01 – March 31 of the following year Monday – Sunday)
  • Recommend Visiting Time: <1 H
  • TYPE: National AAAA level tourist attraction


ShiBaoZhai Overview

Shibaozhai is located on the north bank of the Yangtze River in Zhongxian County, Chongqing, 45 kilometers from Zhongxian County. Therefore, there is a huge stone of more than ten feet high in the Linjiang River. According to legend, the colorful stone left by the female niece is called Shibao. Therefore, the stone shape is like a jade, also known as: Yuyin Mountain.

Therefore, the stone shape is like a jade, also known as: Yuyin Mountain. In the Ming Dynasty, Tan Hong was uprising. He once occupied the cottage, and Shi Baozhai was named after it. Shibaozhai is built on the Yuyin Mountain, and it stands out from the mountain and has a strange shape. It consists of Zhaimen, Zhai body and attic (Zhaiding Shizha). It has 12 floors and all-wood structure.

It was built in the Ming Dynasty, and it was originally 9 floors, implying the meaning of “Nine Heavens”. The top 3 floors were built when the buildings were repaired in 1956. The top of the village is built with the temple of the ancient temple, with the rock as the wall. There is a huge mural on the wall of the main hall, which is the story of the son-in-law. At the bottom of the picture, there is a stone that looks like Shibaozhai. The apse of the ancient temple, there is a stone hole, the mouth is as big as a cup, called “flowing rice hole.”

There are three groups of sculptures in the village. One is the story of the Baanzi Dagger’s Baocheng, the other is the story of Zhang Feiyi’s interpretation of Yan Yan’s Three Kingdoms, and the third is the story of the heroine Qin Liangyu. There is a ancient temple in Zhaiding, named “Lan Ruo Dian”; there is a simple and elegant Shibao Street under the village. Shibaozhai is also one of the few remaining wooden structures in China, and is known as “one of the eight singular buildings in the world”.

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ShiBaoZhai Travel Guide

  1. The stairs are very steep for the wooden stairs. It is hard for the elderly to climb up. Don’t wear skirts to climb.
  2. 20 minutes around the island
  3. ShiBaoZhai

有一块十多丈高的巨石,相传为女娲补天所剩的五彩石,故称:石宝。因此石形如玉玺,又名:玉印山。明代谭宏起义,曾占据此处以为山寨,石宝寨故而得名。石宝寨倚玉印山而建,倚山势而起,造型奇特。由寨门、寨身、阁楼(寨顶石刹)组成,共12层,全木质结构。始建于明万历年间,原为9层,隐含“九重天”之意,顶上3层为1956年修补建筑时所建。寨顶筑有古刹天子殿,以岩为墙,巍峨壮观。正殿迎门墙壁上有一巨大壁画,画的是女娲补天的故事。画面下方,有一遗石,形状甚似石宝寨。古刹后殿,有一石孔,口大如杯,称“流米洞”。寨内有三组雕塑群像,其一为巴蔓子刎首保城的故事,其二为张飞义释严颜的三国故事,其三为巾帼英雄秦良玉的故事。寨顶有古刹一座,名“兰若殿”;寨下有古朴雅致的石宝街。石宝寨也是 中国 目前仅存的几座木结构建筑之一,被称为“世界八大奇异建筑之一”。


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ShiBaoZhai Panorama

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